Do you often feel that you are on an island trying to figure it all out on your own?

Do you have the dream, the passion, the purpose and the ideas to reach your goals but struggle with forward motion and execution?
Does the idea of being in business for yourself but not BY yourself excite you?
Then Circle of Greatness Academy is for you!
How Does the Circle of Greatness Academy Work?

The Circle of Greatness Academy (COGA) is an online and in-person community created to equip and empower aspiring and new entrepreneurs with resources and connections to help them grow personally and professionally.

COGA was created to help goal-driven people like yourself move from ideas to execution by providing a close-knit accountability network to help you reach your goals.

So What Does This Mean For Me?
Boldly walking into your purpose is not an easy task. It requires a thought-out plan, vision for that plan and most importantly it requires EXECUTION.
The COGA will provide you with a supportive network of resources to help you stay focused on your goals and execute them to completion via in-person, teleconferencing, and a private online community.
What Resources and Support Will I Receive?

The COGA is an exclusive monthly membership program packed with access to live resources, virtual resources, tips and insight to help your reach your goals. 

These resources are offered in the form of live events, teleconferencing, webinars, supportive worksheet tools and interactive online community to provide support to all members.

Membership Highlights
  • Exclusive access to supportive tools, worksheet, checklist, etc. to help your build and grow your business.
  • Exclusive access to skilled and proven entrepreneurs via live events, teleconferencing and virtual platforms (Access based on membership levels).
  • Early registration and discounted access to all paid events including vending opportunities to market and sell your products and services (Access based on membership levels).

  • Early registration access to all free events.
Hear From Our Team:

Sonia Lewis

Founder of The Student Loan Doctor, LLC

COGA Administration 

DaVita Garfield

Founder of empoWermentNOW, LLC

COGA Administration



Take advantage of this $160 savings by signing up for the yearly BRONZE plan.

12 MONTH PLAN =$359.88



Take advantage of this $100 savings by signing up for the yearly SILVER plan.

12 MONTH PLAN =$599.88



Take advantage of this $200 savings by signing up for the yearly GOLD plan.

12 MONTH PLAN =$1199.88



We are committed to supporting and celebrating the accomplishments of our members.

Check out our recent Gold Member Appreciation event.

Meet Our Founder

A Dreamer, Doer and Extreme Giver!

Nehemiah Davis is an award-winning author, entrepreneur and philanthropist born and raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. At just 29 years of age, his accomplishments to-date exemplifies the defiance of all the odds stacked against him from birth. His father has been in prison for committing murder since Nehemiah was just 2 years old. Raised in this tough world by his mother and grandmother he endured several challenges that included being kicked out of high school, kicked out of college and fired from ten jobs. However, at age 21 his life changed for the better and his decision to take action resulted in him starting his first business and has dedicated his life to serving others through the Nehemiah Davis Foundation which was started in 2007 by Nehemiah and his mother.

To-date the organization has served over 40,000 homeless citizens, seniors citizens and youth all around the world. In addition to traveling to 37 countries, being awarded and recognized around the world, Nehemiah's most recent accomplishments includes receiving the Steve Harvey's Good Neighbor award for 2016 and receiving the President’s volunteer service award at the White House.  Nehemiah also co-founded a movement to help get 60,000 bottles of waters to the citizens in Flint Michigan during their urgent water crisis.

The Nehemiah Davis Foundation feeds the homeless weekly and facilitates eight annual events spanning from a back-to-school event, a Thanksgiving and a Christmas event all designed in the spirit of supporting those in need. As an author of three books, Nehemiah has recently started his own publishing company to help other upcoming authors reach their goals to publish their work.

Lastly, earlier this year Nehemiah opened a community center in his neighborhood which offers several free programs for the youth including a writing work shop, guitar lessons, sewing lessons and vocal lessons. Nehemiah's mission is to help other people become the best they can be through his tireless philanthropic and entrepreneurial work.

Hear From Our Current COGA Community Members
Highlights from the COGA How To Conference 2017


What is the Circle of Greatness Academy?

The Circle of Greatness Academy also known as COGA is virtual and in-person resource community focused on personal and entrepreneurial development.

Can I join the Circle of Greatness if I haven't officially started my business?

The COGA is designed to support you wherever you are in your entrepreneurial journey from dream to execution.  There are resources and support within this community to help support through the entire process.

What kind of events or tools will there be in the COGA to help me advance my business knowledge and skills? 

There are live events, workshops, conference calls and webinars with dates to be announced as they are scheduled. Access to webinars and replays of live events, workshops and conference are available to GOLD members.

Can I benefit from being a part of COGA if I am not able to attend the live events?

Absolutely! The COGA was designed to support entrepreneurs all over the country.  The supportive online community and access to the Greatness Business modules are meant to support all members.  Live events will also be live streamed within the online community.

What are the benefits of being a GOLD member?

  • Pop up phone calls from the COGA support team. 
  • Access to media interviews, podcast, etc. Access to webinar and call playbacks 
  •  As COGA products become available Gold members get priority discounts and at times will receive free products. 
  • Private webinars (on various topics and individual help and masterminding).  
  • Coworking space for all Gold members to come work out of the Foundation on specified dates. (Gold members can take meetings, use the phone line and access wifi to handle business).

How do I get support with my membership (questions, concerns, assistance with member portal management)?

Please email us at Please allow 24-48hrs for a response from our support team.

What kind membership options do I have to choose from?

You may opt to join any offered level on a monthly or yearly paid basis.

How can I upgrade a level?

You can upgrade a level at any time. Please note that you will be billed at the time of your upgrade and that will become your new monthly billing date if your membership is monthly. Your bill would be prorated to the upgrade amount if your membership is yearly.  You can also opt to switch from monthly to yearly and your annual renewal date would be the date you switched to the yearly plan.  To upgrade please email and title your email UPGRADE.

How do I downgrade my membership?

Your monthly membership can be downgraded at anytime. Please note that downgraded level benefits and the billed price for that level will be effective on your next billing date. You can downgrade the yearly plan at the time of your annual renewal date. To downgrade your subscription please email and title your email DOWNGRADE.

Is there a long term commitment? 

We would love to have you in the COGA for the long term to support through your entrepreneurial journey, however, there is NO long term commitment to remain in the community.  COGA has 2 options for payment: The month-to-month optionis billed monthly (Every 30 days from your start date) and the yearly option is billed annually (1 year from your start date). This subscription can be cancelled at anytime by emailing . Please title your email CANCEL.

What happens if I cancel my membership and decide to rejoin later?

We would love to have you rejoin the COGA when you are ready.  As a returning member you have the option of choosing from the membership levels being offered. Please note that returning members are not eligible for any trial period that may be offered.

How do I secure my membership?

A credit/debit card is required in order to secure your membership. This card will be stored and automatically charged monthly to pay for your monthly subscription or yearly for your yearly subscription unless you cancel your membership.

What is the refund policy on monthly subscriptions? 

All cancellations are to take place at least 3 days prior to your next billing date (monthly or annual) to avoid being billed on that date. There will not be any refunds issued for cancellations after your payment has been processed. If you choose to cancel your membership after your payment has been processed you will still have access to COGA benefits for the remainder of that 30-day cycle or yearly cycle. - All Rights Reserved 2017